Outdoor Art Group

The South Pennine Watershed landscape is a truly inspirational space for all kinds of creative activity, but if you're not used to working outside its hard to find the confidence to start, especially on your own.

Around Calderdale there seems to be groups for people who do art or creative writing and groups for people who like walking, but nothing much for people who want to do both.

With this in mind, as part of the Watershed residency I'm organising a pilot project for an Outdoor Art Group to encourage people out into the landscape.

This is not a rambling group, we wont be doing any lengthy walks.  The main idea is to enjoy pottering around the wild places taking inspiration from the landscape, weather and wildlife as we find them.

Just bring your imagination! But to get the most out of a trip the following will be helpful:
A waterproof jacket, sensible footwear, lunch, drink, camera, pen, pencil and art materials if liked.

Anyone who is interested in joining the group should contact me, Angie Rogers, on answer phone 01422 846609 or email angie.rogers(at)talk21.com

Photo of Widdop shores by George Parker

Inaugural trip to WIDDOP on Sunday 31st July a great success.

For anyone without a car, there is a summer, weekend bus service to Widdop. The brilliant 906 departs from Hebden Bridge Rail Station on Saturdays and Sundays from 24th April to 25th September.  Click this link for the 2011 timetable.

Blackstone Edge and Waterhazzles Reservoirs Trip

At the end of the summer we had a splendid day out on the tops around Blackstone Edge Reservoir. For more on this and lots of pictures follow these links to posts in the main blog:
OAG Day out at Blackstone and Waterhazzles Reservoirs
OAG October Trip


  1. Good morning,
    Additional to my previous comment here is my haiku poem inspired by Sunday at Widdop - I love words but have never tried writing poetry;

    The peregrine screams
    High above beyond our sight,
    Small things hear, fear, wait.

    Angie's a lot to answer for - I keep spouting poems!!

  2. Well done Sue, the whole day looks so relaxed and engaging.
    Hope to be on the next one - I can,t imagine
    spouting poems though.