Thursday, 18 August 2011

Extended Flag Book

I'm alternating days now between the giant drawings and the extended flag book. Yesterday I collated all the dried print sheets, folded the spine pieces and cut out all the 'flags', having devised a system for cutting multi sheets at a time (basically using a lot of bulldog clips!)  I don't use a guillotine and prefer a long steel rule and a very sharp knife for greater accuracy. The day just flew past.

Couldn't bear to go home without doing a quick blu tack temporary assembly of the spines and a few of the flags to get an idea of how its going to work out.  The book is so long the only place I can work on it is the hard concrete floor of the gallery at Brooklyn Studios.  My knees and back are not very happy as you can imagine.  For some reason this photo makes me think of salamanders or dragons.  Salamanders, being amphibians, can live in water and on land so the association is quite apt as my book is all about the interconnection of land and water on the uplands.

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  1. I'm at it again - caught up in the magic of this blog.
    It's not only the photography and works of art that intrigue and delight me but also the openness of your thoughts and words; you allow us the viewers into your thoughts-process that in turn gives us a deeper understanding of your creative production.