Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Large scale drawings

Ever since hearing that I'd been awarded the year 2 Watershed residency I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to stretch and challenge myself, especially when I realised how large the exhibition space is at Cliffe Castle. Consequently I'm having to think big.

I've started work on the largest drawings I've ever made. The paper dimensions are 5 ft wide by 8 ft tall for each drawing!  Just finding a suitably large, empty wall space has been a challenge, not to mention fixing up a sheet of paper that size.  Interestingly though, after a very short while it just seems normal and not a problem.  I'm using charcoal. Its one of my all time favourite mediums and ideal for the purpose.

If all goes to plan I'm hoping the drawings will make a strong impact at the exhibition so I want them to be a bit of a surprise.  All I will say here is that they are of structures connected with the water gathering system, so you may well guess what they are.  Here's a couple of texture details.


  1. Hi, Angie,
    I know you'd said big drawings - but until I'd read the dimensions on the blog I'd not fully comprehended the hugeness of the task you'd set yourself!The textural segments you show are exciting in themselves - look forward to the end results!
    Incredible young woman.

  2. Sue, I just hope the end results will live up to your expectations. Not sure if I haven't bitten off more than I can chew with this one.