Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Outdoor Art Group go to Widdop

Here we are on Widdop Dam at the start of a wonderful Sunday of drawing, photography, poetry and sound recording for the inaugural trip of the newly formed Outdoor Art Group.

The heroic 906 bus brought us up from Hebden Bridge on a switchback ride through Heptonstall and Slack, along the tops and round a couple of hairpin bends, to get us in the mood for shaking off any preconceived ideas about a sedate Sunday stroll.

Soon enough we were bounding down the rushy north bank, organising base camp under the trees and setting to with cameras, pencils and the occasional quill pen made on the spot from moulted feathers the Canada geese had kindly left for us.

As you can see at the end of our lovely day we were all none the worse for our adventures, despite the odd tumble and a mud paddling incident about which I will remain silent!  The 906 provided a reliable though bouncy return trip back to civilisation.

The beautiful Widdop landscape inspired a whole array of delightful images and thoughtful poems from the group and to see a slideshow of their work please click here. This is a special page devoted to the activities of the group, with information about the next trip when this is available and contact details if you'd like to get involved.

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  1. Hello Angie and fellow Sundayers at Widdop,
    I had an amazing time - and came home stimulated and elated at the day spent close up to nature; too close up at one point as I wobbled my way through the unsteady landscape. I'm no expert at landscape drawing/painting in spite of loving the countryside - and certainly have never thought of poetry - but somehow Angie's day has stimulated both love of words and of the environment in which we are so lucky to live - look forward to the next one