Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Workshop At Cliffe Castle

I'm off to Cliffe Castle tomorrow to deliver a workshop in the morning for the Responses to Art group. We'll be looking at the exhibition of my artwork and Char's writing and then doing some practical work.

I've decided to show the participants some unfinished work that's related to the Watershed Project - specifically on the theme of The Enfolding Landscape and the idea of revealing the hidden. I'm creating a series of mini booklets based on the Turkish Map Fold.

These are just some  woodcut trial proofs for covers.  When the booklet opens, a larger piece of printed paper unfolds to show the main image.  I've still a lot to do but hope the group will enjoy seeing the thought processes and practical problem solving that will lead to the finished piece.

I've been told to expect up to 23 participants so will have my work cut out helping them all to get to grips with the folding scheme.

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