Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Inspired By Landscape II - The End? ...

The exhibition at Cliffe Castle finished on Sunday and was deinstalled yesterday.

Watershed has dominated my life for the past 12 months and its sad to think my time on the project has come to an end. Its been a fascinating and exciting year. I've met and worked with lots of great people, visited even more reservoirs than usual and observed a whole new world of wild life.

Its all been lovely and special highlights include my tour around the interior of Leeming Reservoir Valve Tower, drawing in the calm haven of Machpelah Mill, seeing a curlew's nest with eggs on High Brown Knoll, photographing a Golden Plover on Wadsworth Moor, searching for the elusive Twite, all the glorious walks along the tops and splendid days out with the Outdoor Art Group. Thank you to all who have taken part or helped me to achieve my goal of encouraging more people to access and enjoy our upland environment of water and moor.

Artist/Photographer Simon Warner is taking over as Watershed Artist in Residence and I'm looking forward to connecting to his soon to be announced blog about the project. In the meantime here are a few last pictures of the display cases at Keighley including the black and white woodcut prints that were produced by students from Titus Salt School. 


  1. Hi there! I came across your blog through wordpress, really love your work. I am an artist based in Wigan, Lancashire. I am studying at The University of Salford in my final year. My work has gradually become preoccupied with water and its many varying states and the way in which light reveals it to us. I work in many local sites making prints and drawings on return to the studio. My theory explores the detachment of man from nature in the modern society and my work stems from a personal interaction with nature. I would love to see your work in person, are there any upcoming exhibitions? I have a blog at www.sarahbamber.wordpress.com Best Wishes, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, nice to make contact, I've enjoyed looking at your blog and can see we share a fascination with the weird and wonderful nature of water. My main Watershed exhibition has just ended but I hope to get the work on show somewhere else if I can find a suitable venue, so I'll keep you informed.

      If you message me via the contact page of my website we can exchange email addresses:
      All the best, Angie

  2. Lovely photos of the exhibition Angie, so sad the exhibition is over but Inspired by Landscape lives on and I hope you'll be involved this year too - will keep you posted with any opportunities etc. Take care, Anna

  3. I found you in Googling "Black and White Art"! I thought you'd find that amusing, since you are clearly so much more. I will happily follow you and greedily gooble up your work.
    I live on a little dormant farm in Fairfield, Connecticut USA. I am ready to dive into some new creative pursuits in the New Year. Thanks for the great and inspiring work.

    1. Hello Nancy, good to hear from you. I like the sound of a little dormant farm in Fairfield!

      In case its not clear, this Catchwater blog is one I did for my Watershed project and is now a bit dormant too. If you are interested in my most recent art and creative pursuits go to my main blog at www.tumblinghills.com

      All the best Angie