Tuesday, 26 April 2011

An Easter Plover

Uninterrupted wandering through the Watershed lands during this spell of lovely Easter weather has provided some marvellous sights and sounds and none more magical than this Golden Plover's nest on the high moor.

We briefly lost the faint path when suddenly a bird rocketed away, skimming low.  My eagle eyed and informed companion spotted the eggs so I snatched this quick shot with a telephoto lens before quietly retreating and leaving the area rapidly to allow the parent back as soon as possible.  We decided to take a different path on our return leg of the walk to ensure the bird was left in peace and were rewarded by the sound of a Curlew nearby.

This just shows how vulnerable ground nesting birds are and why its important to keep to the paths at this time of year. Its so sad to hear today's news of fires on the nearby Ovenden and Rishwoth moors. You can really notice how dry everything is on the uplands right now.

The high moors wouldn't be the same without the unmistakeable soundtrack of bubbling curlew song, difficult to describe but never forgotten once heard.  Listen to it here.

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