Monday, 18 July 2011

Watershed Journey

Since the beginning of April I've been working on a concertina book called Watershed Journey.  Its one of those works that for one reason or another is taking a long time to complete. There have been times when I've felt stuck and I had to cut 2 pages off after spending a week trying to make them right.

I'm using collaged prints, a combination of Woodcut, monoprint and engraved surface print.  The original plan was to make use of a large collection of offcuts and oddments from previous printing sessions but in the end I've had to make some specific prints and so the offcut pile is growing and changing.

So far I've done 12 pages but now I've realised I need to work on the reverse side of the concertina so the book can be displayed standing up and be viewed from both sides.  And so the journey goes on.
These pages are from the start where the emphasis is on winter colours and textures up on the high moor.

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