Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Woodcuts of Widdop

Here's a slideshow I've put together of a brilliant day at Cliffe Castle Museum yesterday with the art students from Titus Salt School making woodcuts based on their drawings from last week's trip to wild, windy Widdop.

Despite never having done anything like it before, the students quickly grasped the idea and ran away with it.  After getting their heads round the need for reversing the image and thinking in negative/positive, it was heads down for some solid concentrated gouging.  Then the really fun bit, when the ink goes on for the first time and the image is revealed.

The resulting prints are fantastic and perfectly capture the mood of our day at Widdop, so well done all!


  1. What an impressive group of young artists - their works are so good. They've grasped the basics of woodcuts 'just-like-that' and produced images that do justice to the amazing environment in which we live.
    No doubt, inspired by theit tutor!

  2. Yes they did do a great job didn't they, and all that done in just a few hours, in an unfamiliar environment.

  3. will they be displayed anywhere? I think you have a few rivals there! - you have really inspired them to produce fantastic work.